Spotlight Blog: Jen Dalton, by FountainHead RI

Spotlight Blog: Jen Dalton, by FountainHead RI

FountainHead RI is the brainchild of Co-Founder David Almonte.  An idea based on giving back, promoting growth benefiting RI, and providing leadership opportunities to both the generation before, as well as the generations to follow.  David enlisted the help of Jason Dodier (Co-Founder) and Nick Denice (Co-Founder) in order to form a group of rising stars in different industries from RI, CT, MA and Washington, DC.  The group subsequently turned into a formal committee and had their first meeting in the fall of 2016.  The idea was simple: get talented, motivated and diverse individuals to come together in the same room, with no agenda, so that creativity could prosper.

What came out of the first meeting was inspiring; topics discussed ranged from renewable energy opportunities in the state to financial literacy and next-generation leadership, to potential events, including both networking and those highlighting local not-for-profits.  FountainHead RI was built from the ground up, with the mission to provide a platform for millennial engagement in Rhode Island in order to foster professional development, connect the next generation of leaders, and promote leadership in various sectors both locally and nationally.

Recently, FountainHead RI did a spotlight blog on Jennifer Dalton around the importance of personal branding. Read more here. 

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