The Intentional Entrepreneur


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Are you starting a business? Do you already have a business? If you are launching or leading an organization, it is critical to be intentional about your value (and values) and how you stand out from the competition. Building on concepts and insights from thought leaders like Seth Godin, with his book, When It’s Your Turn, and Gary Vaynerchuk, Crush It, The Intentional Entrepreneur gives you the tools and steps to build a reputation that breaks through the noise and connects with your people, customers, and community. Self-awareness is critical as an entrepreneur; leveraging your strengths and outsourcing the rest is critical to success. This book will walk you through how to own your reality, your purpose, and how to shape how others perceive you through intentional content and communication.
This book will help you understand:

  • How personal branding relates to your business and why
  • How you are unique and why people should do business with you
  • What questions to ask when figuring out how to blend your personal reputation and brand with the company brand over time
  • How to create a visibility plan that builds the best relationships to grow your business with clarity and meaning
  • Identify practical ways to manage your online reputation and presence for your brand as the CEO given you only have so much time in the day

Owning your reputation is about protecting it, building it, and becoming a Noisebreaker, not a Noisemaker. People want to work with, and for, someone who is authentic, clear, and shows up intentionally to create value for their people, clients, and community. From naming your business, to identifying your target customers, to building your unique content strategy – this book walks through dozens of examples and will help you build a reputation that matters and drives your business visibility and growth. Be a Noisebreaker! Jen Dalton


“I wish that I was able to have this information and content when I started my business. Jen Dalton captures the entrepreneur’s mindset and knows what it is needed to think things through when having a start-up, which ultimately leads to better cost-savings, strategy and focus. I highly recommend this book!” Laura Lee Williams

CEO & Founder, Laura Lee Designs, Inc. Excella Consulting

Noisebreakers — Intentional Entrepreneur expands your thinking beyond who or what you think your business is. It makes you take a step back and see your business as yourself so that you can stand out from the noise and be the brand in demand you are meant to be. Sherrell T. Martin

CEO, Nitram Financial Cimperman, LLC.


Jennifer is one of the most accomplished and respected career experts and writers in the field. She is a multifaceted, highly talented professional with an extraordinary work ethic. Jennifer is also a successful business owner, and consultant with a strong background in career counseling. Effat Al-Saraj

Mutimedia Story Teller

Jennifer crisply helped me to clarify my message. I brain-dumped all my thinking on to her and she helped me to clarify my focus, strip out what didn’t fit, and create a compelling storyline that inspired me and ultimately inspired others. She acted like a muse, to bring out my best.

Alison Whitmire

Learning in Action Technologies, Inc.

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