“Stories are just data with a soul.” – Brene Brown, TEDx Houston 2010

Building Your Brand Through Storytelling

The Intersection of

Branding, Leadership, and Storytelling

As leaders and organizations, the ability to paint a picture that is new, engaging, and helps your audience know what to do next is a critical skill.  A powerful story meets your audience where they are, connects emotionally by being relatable, and inspires them to take action with a compelling vision of the future.

Building Your Brand Through Your People

Your employees are your greatest asset. When they understand the value they bring to the table, as individuals and within a team, they will be more engaged, more productive, and more focused on meeting team and business goals.

Branding For Teams

Our Branding For Teams sessions empower your employees to be more successful. Interactive experiences are three to four hours and customized based on your specific needs.

We work with clients on:

  • Building an Executive Team presence on LinkedIn
  • How employees should leverage social media
  • LinkedIn 101
  • Team Development workshops on personal branding

Position your employees for success.


Jen is a born leader. Not only does she keep our class on its toes as one of the class representatives, but she tirelessly champions our causes to our school administration and keeps our groups on task. Couple this with working full time and also being a mom of two lovely boys and you have a powerhouse! I’d work with her anytime, and I’d recommend her for any management or strategic position. If you want a quick-thinking, able, creative go-getter on your team, leading your team, or as an independent worker you’ve found your gem. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Cynthia Moore

Shanghai Security and Compliance

We had a pleasure of hosting Jen as an expert speaker during the Mid-Atlantic Women’s Network Speaker event at Capital One. She is truly a master of her craft. Jen lit up the room with high energy and passion for brand building. Her presentation on reputation and brand management strategies in a digital space was engaging, action-oriented, and inspiring. Thank you for making our event a success!

Veronika Garcell

Visionary Entrepreneur

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