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Coming Soon December 2020

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Working Title: Telepathy is Not a Strategy

My book is about how people can be authentic and navigate and survive high-risk conversations on topics like money, health, accountability, race, politics, and more with the people we care about most. Each chapter is dedicated to a touchy subject and includes in-depth examples of real-life conversations. Each interview allows the reader to effectively be in the moment and learn best practices that they could implement in their own discussions. At the end of the book, readers will have a new framework to easily identify six kinds of conversations and how to manage their emotions in surprise and planned situations.

Most people believe we should never talk about politics and religion. I believe that if we talked about hard topics more and practiced listening, learning, and how to move forward through dialog, and not monologues, we would be more authentic, engaged, and empathetic to people we care about in life.

I relish having discussions that challenge my thinking and ability to master the art of discourse, starting with my fourteen-year-old son. Although I thought I was a good listener, it gets harder the more you disagree with someone. The journey of listening and seeking to understand has empowered me to pause, reflect, and add more value to every conversation I have each day, in-person and online.

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