Author Series Interview with Jen Dalton

Meet the Author Series with Jen Dalton and her latest book Listen: How to Embrace the Difficult Conversations Life Throws at You.

Heartcast Media Interview of Jen Dalton and CJ Williams

Jen Dalton was interviewed by Molly Ruland, founder of Heartcast Media, along with CJ Williams, founder of Sorry to Hear That. The interview included discussing what our lives our like during the COVID-19 crisis and how we stay positive and engaged day to day.

ConnexionHub Interviews with Jen Dalton

Jen Dalton was interviewed by Dawn Peters, founder of ConnexionHub in 2017 and shares her personal branding insights.

  • The Intentional Entrepreneur segment shares information about her book and personal branding for entrepreneurs.
  • The Digital Pause segment includes why you should pause before you post any content online.
  • The full interview provides insight on branding broadly and where individuals can start.

HLN Interview about Cecil the Lion

Jen was interviewed in 2015 on HLN about Dr. Walter Palmer and Cecil the Lion. Specifically, what should he do to recover his reputation and how would it impact him.  Highlights:

  • Dr. Palmer could either remain in hiding (do nothing), apologize (something small but important, which he finally did do), or denounce hunting (something larger, which he also did not do)
  • This story will follow him around for life, although it will only be top of mind for social media for a short time provided other news takes over.

Jen Speaking on Personal Branding

Jen Speaking on LinkedIn

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