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BrandMirror collaborates with you to define your personal brand and be a more intentional leader, whether you are an executive, entrepreneur, or individual contributor. Using structured tools and exercises, we create a brand strategy that will increase your visibility, build your thought leadership, and stand out.



We don’t just help you build a brand; we design a Reputation Roadmap tailored to your unique goals. Working collaboratively with you, we start from your destination and work backward, ensuring you reach your objectives faster. Say goodbye to obscurity and hello to accelerated visibility and impact. Download your brand template today!



Building a brand isn’t a one-time effort; it’s a journey of consistency and intentionality. BrandMirror partners with you to clarify what you want to be known for and then constructs a deliberate roadmap to achieve your aspirations. We meet you where you are and guide you towards your brand’s success. Download your blog writing guide now!


Self-reflection can be challenging, but with BrandMirror, it’s a breeze. We shine a spotlight on what makes you unique and work hand-in-hand to craft a compelling message that spans from your introduction to your LinkedIn profile and beyond. Take the first step towards a more impactful brand presence – download your LinkedIn checklist today!




I recently took Jen’s “Break Through the Noise” workshop and just had to let people know how great an experience it was. Jen gave me so much guidance on how to organize my approach to communicating my personal brand to the world. Before her workshop, I felt very scatterbrained about my marketing plan. There were so many ways I could go that I felt paralyzed to make a choice on a direction. Well, I came out of her workshop with actionable strategy and specific steps on what social media platforms I would use, how often I would post to them AND even concrete blog post ideas. Amazing, really! I am actually looking forward to blogging for the first time ever. Thanks so much, Jen!

Melissa Henry

In my capacity as chair of an executive networking group in Atlanta, I reached out to Jen, hoping she would be willing to speak to our membership on the topic of leadership branding. Jen graciously accepted my invitation and presented an outstanding program for the meeting attendees. Recognizing the importance of interactive dialogue, she engaged participants throughout by sharing examples, tools and inviting questions. My measure of an effective program is whether participants leave with tools and suggestions they can immediately use. Thank you, Jen, for doing just that!

Don Lang, Executive Roundtable

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The Intentional Entrepreneur

If you are launching or leading an organization, it is critical to be intentional about your value (and values) and how you stand out from the competition. Building on concepts and insights from thought leaders like Seth Godin, with his book, When It’s Your Turn and It’s Always Your Turn, and Gary Vaynerchuk, Crush It, The Intentional Entrepreneur gives you the tools and steps to build a reputation that breaks through the noise and connects with your people, customers, and community. Self-awareness is critical as an entrepreneur; leveraging your strengths and outsourcing the rest is key to success. This book will walk you through how to own your reality, your purpose, and shape how others perceive you through intentional content and communication.

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