This month I was honored to work with 12 social entrepreneurs that are Leadership Fellows for 15 months at the Global Good Fund. On Thursday, April 14th, each fellow shared their one minute pitch, and we provided feedback and coaching. That Friday, I spoke to the fellows and their coaches about how to maximize their leadership impact.  There were some key takeaways that came out of those sessions – including the Awards Ceremony with Goldie Hawn, where she was recognized for the work the Hawn Foundation does.

1. It is critical to be clear on your why.
Why are you here? What legacy do you want to leave? The most powerful pitches were the ones grounded in the heart, the why, and delivered a compelling and vulnerable story that connected with the audience.

2. What is your message?
As leaders, whatever your age and whatever your position, it is imperative that you are clear on your values, your beliefs, and your message. What are you telling people and what do you want them to do next? Being clear, concise, and compelling – speaking to the heart and mind – is critical.

3. Build Your Reputation with Evidence
Part of your message has to include building trust and credibility with clear evidence. We all know the saying, walk your talk. Well, if your message is your talk, then how are you showing up and delivering on your promise? What do you do each day that builds evidence on how you keep your word and bring your message to life. I keep trying to convince everyone that planning is sexy. If you do not plan your work, it is so hard to work your plan. Plan out how you are visible and who needs to see you ahead of time, this allows you to maximize your leadership impact and visibility. Be intentional, it is a game changer.

Be your best self, be intentional,

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