I have given so many talks on LinkedIn and this particular question always comes up. What is the best approach when it comes to connecting? Do I connect with only the people I know? Everyone? Somewhere in between?

The answer is…it depends. How frustrating, right? The reality is that it is your personal profile and your network, so you ultimately have to decide. What I can do is provide additional information for you to consider so you make a more informed decision.

1. Identify who you want to connect with on LinkedIn and why

Most of my clients jump in and want to tweak their profiles or make big changes. We always start with the Why. Why are you on LinkedIn? It is important to think about who you want to connect with as well as who visits your profile.

This is important, because if you are using LinkedIn for lead generation, then you should be connecting with new people (that you may not have met) and definitely with people you meet at networking events, etc.


2. Get Over 500+ Connections

It is critical to get to 50 connections and then 500. Each milestone moves your profile up when it comes to LinkedIn because you are seen as more valuable to LinkedIn. The number provides credence to the fact that you have a significant network.

This is also important because as you develop content and curate content, the bigger your network, then in theory the farther reach you have as well.

3. Personalize your Connections requests 

It is paramount that you personalize your connection requests. Most people will not accept a request to Connect if the note is the generic “I trust you” message. Whether you are on a computer or your tablet/phone – there is the ability to create a custom message.  Explain how you met or if you have not met, then why you are interested in connecting. Take the 10 seconds to do this and you will connect more effectively with people.

4. Create a profile that attracts Connect requests

A profile that attracts the right audience as well as connection requests is one that has the right key words and has been optimized. In addition, your profile needs to provide valuable content and a call to action (or place to go) for your audience.

If you have a great profile, individuals will be much more likely to connect with you because you have taken the time to articulate your value and story. So think about what profile will attract the right audience for you and tweak your profile as needed.

Reach out for a free consult, I hope this helped you learn something new.

Be your best self,