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20 hours 17 minutes ago

Everyone is talking about personal branding! You think you know what it is and it feels like you need one. Well, if you are a business owner and curious about what it's all about, I invite you to our free Rock Your Brand event on Sept 27th.

Grab your free ticket here before all the spots are gone:

Rock Your Personal Brand Online

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6 days 5 hours ago

Counting down to 1 Million Cups Fairfax this morning at Office Evolution - Tysons Corner where we will spotlight Sano Ecosystem, Inc. - focused on disrupting the medical claims processing for medical billets. #healthcare

Brand Mirror

1 week 3 days ago

Even experienced #speakers make mistakes. Here are a few critical mistakes that every speaker must avoid. Please share other observations you had as well. #personalbrand

5 Mistakes Speakers Must Avoid Like the Plague

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2 weeks 20 hours ago

Looking forward to moderating this amazing panel with Bruce Robert Dorey, Friderike Breithaupt Butler, and Mark J. Silverman as they discuss The Future of Coaching on Sept. 24th. Register for the latest executive coaching insights.

The Future of Coaching

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3 weeks 6 days ago

Huge thank you to 1 Million Cups Fairfax for a great event. Loved speaking and getting feedback on a new product idea. This business mastermind is invaluable. Highly recommend businesses apply and get feedback on the challenges & opportunities they face.

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4 weeks 17 minutes ago

Very excited to present on September 27th at Office Evolution - Tysons Corner with Katie Nelson of Sales UpRising on how to "Speak to Build Your Brand and Business". Register here:

Speaking to Build Your Brand & Business

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4 weeks 2 days ago

A true #noisebreaker, a clear and compelling #personalbrand, we will miss John McCain and his courage, rebelliousness, and his passion for America.

“The first thing that dictators do is shut down the press,” Mr. McCain, a strong defender of the First Amendment, told his national television audience. While not expressly calling the president a dictator, he said, “We need to learn the lessons of history.”

John McCain, War Hero, Senator, Presidential Contender, Dies at 81

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1 month 1 day ago

Do you have someone who may need help when it comes to online etiquette and #personalbranding? Here are some of our latest insights:

Brand Mirror

1 month 3 days ago

“Every person’s job is to figure out how to use the information highway. How to put in the work and use Facebook, LinkedIn. Twitter. Life is a marathon. If what you are doing is about money, you have lost. You have to love it.” Team GaryVee


So excited for this great event Thursday evening! #personalbrand

I appreciate the hard work and commitment from @TigerWoods to make this comeback. With much trial and tribulation, his #personalbrand has had a wild ride. Glad to see him earn his 80th win.

"This is the reason victims often stay imprisoned in silence: because as painful as it is to suffer alone inside your head, sometimes for decades—it often pales to the violence you experience if you dare to speak your truth."


I love @bruce_r_dorey 's take on "Expert" Coaching. As men and women mature in the workforce, their experience and knowledge are invaluable. How to tap that resource and use it, is an essential skill.

My new book is now available on Amazon!

#coaching #leadership #executivecoaching #coach #growth

Kicking off @1MCfairfax and hearing from #SanoEcosystem on disrupting #healthcare and medical billing. Looking forward to giving #feedback

A woman is trying to protect us from putting an attempted rapist on the Supreme Court, and she’s going to be destroyed for it, and she knows it, and she’s doing it anyway.

That’s patriotism.

Even experienced #speakers make mistakes. Here are a few critical mistakes that every speaker must avoid. Please share your thoughts too. #personalbrand @LinkedIn

Thank you so much for the opportunity- see you soon!

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