Book review


“The Intentional Entrepreneur serves multiple purposes for the rising or seasoned real estate entrepreneur! With its’ step-by-step tools following on very helpful explanations of how to create one’s business, the book can be very useful to companies who have post-licensing training for new agents to create their business. The processes delineated in each chapter serve to highlight the steps many real estate companies try to “teach” their self-employed agents and it will serve as a useful tool to seasoned agents who are “mentoring” newbies. The first chapters on defining who you are and your brand are especially useful in this endeavor. The later chapters serve to “spark” seasoned agents who need rejuvenation—should they start a “team” or move out on one’s own to create one’s own Brokerage. Ms. Dalton has given much to think about and a process to help one create the next important steps. The book is a wonderful blend of provoking important “thought” to “couch” one’s business and then the tools to become successful. Clearly, the focus on social media is key in this age when Realtors are challenged from all directions from “others” wanting to get into their business. Ms. Dalton has provided a wonderful book and tool for anyone wanting to be a successful Realtor.”

Nancy Kane

ABR, SRES, AHS, Associate Broker Weichert Realtors

As a Montessori teacher setting out to develop my own brand of an alternative gifted and talented program (GETS -Gifted Education Time for Students), I GET the value of this book! The path is clear and I am free to follow it at MY OWN PACE within the carefully planted guideposts set out by Jen Dalton ( I find the imbedded links very handy). Her worksheets are sequentially  planned, making them particularly useful in creating a solid base upon which to construct my business. Concentrating information in an easy to access place also saves me time and money, allowing me to allocate scarce funds at appropriate times. It is a brave and gutsy thing to lay your dream before strangers and ask them to believe in it as deeply as you do yourself. Following Jen Dalton’s advice makes that task less of a “risk and judgement” based  exercise and more of a relaxing procedure. Procedures are neither good nor bad…just stages to pass through on your way to completing a task. Ms. Dalton’s chapters are peppered with real life examples and referral names to help me attend to particulars when I am ready, such as tax and legal advice, trademarking, and the ever present social media “pit of despair”. Ms. Dalton explains clearly that social media is a tamable beast and again, there are procedures and real life examples to inform my choices of when, where and how to engage. Creating MY BRAND and infusing it with meaning that will permeate MY community, small or large-is work that I must do for myself, but Ms. Dalton’s advice allows me to re-charge my energy and move forward…always forward toward my goal. 

Dolores Peck

My Academic Coach founder and creator GETS Hands On Humanities Program

“It is easy to underestimate or deny the impact of one’s personal brand. But with the increasing pervasiveness of social media, online communities, and digital commerce, executives can no longer choose not to have a public persona. Today, the choice is whether you will intentionally shape your personal brand so that it expresses your priorities and values, or instead allow your reputation to be randomly defined by external forces. Jen Dalton’s new book takes you through a simple yet comprehensive process for exploring what your image is now, deciding what message you want your image to convey, and intentionally building a reputation that delivers value for you and your business. The book is easy to read, filled with great wisdom and insights, and jammed with exercises that will help enable you to apply that wisdom to your own situation. Whether you are a fledgling entrepreneur who is just starting a business or a seasoned CEO trying to navigate our changing digital world, this book will help you to better shape your own reputation and project a public image that works to further your, and your company’s, success.” 

Bill Yoder

Senior Associate Springboard International Inc.

“As most lawyers know, you cannot go too far in private practice without an entrepreneurial drive. This book is essential for all junior and mid-career lawyers who are developing their practice. Ms. Dalton’s book provides clear and direct guidance for professionals to enhance their personal brand with short checklists and exercises. Whether you need to refine your “elevator pitch” or identify what sets you apart from your competition (your value proposition), the short chapters will guide you through the process. The text expands beyond the basics to help the professional understand and communicate the differentiation and synergies between their brand and their company’s brand, as  well as enhancing the reader’s understanding of networking techniques (in-person and via social media), the importance of personal presentation, and market segment prioritization and expansion.”

Law Firm Executive

“Jen Dalton has crafted a timely and relevant guide on how entrepreneurs should navigate the challenging waters of defining your image. In an environment where social media plays an ever-increasing role in defining your personal  brand, Ms. Dalton leverages real-world examples to illustrate  how she has helped businesses enact transformative changes. The inclusion of key tools, and enabling the reader to take the same steps forward in defining his or her own personal brand all make it a must read for any aspiring entrepreneur!”

Michael Cheung

Vice President Fast Pay

“A great and informative read, wherever the journey of entrepreneurship finds you. There are sections for the beginner and the seasoned adventurer; there’s real substance here for everyone. Jen Dalton sheds light in a way that is informative and accessible; I love her written voice. Enjoy, and learn something new!”

Michael Sauri

President & Co-Owner TriVistaUSA

Have you ever thought of building something great? What’s the first step in making that happen? The Intentional Entrepreneur puts framework around your idea. Whether you are beginning your journey or want to further develop your brand, this book offers something for every business creator. Thoughtfully laid out, Jen takes you on the path to branding something unique and intentional. With so many brands to choose from, The Intentional Entrepreneur will  most definitely show you how to be a noisebreaker, not a noisemaker.

Tina Fox

CEO FoxParadigm Consulting

“This book is a well-written, thoughtful and concise blueprint for how to successfully leverage your own and your company’s brand. It is a practical guide that offers insights into how to think about key elements of your business, and offers a platform for success. The book goes beyond just the usual pronouncements, offering entrepreneurs a stepby-step approach to thinking about what makes them and their businesses different, and what their value proposition really is. A must read for any business leader. An indispensable guide to successful entrepreneurship.”

Raad Alkadiri

Managing Director HIS

“Jen Dalton has created an easy to read and easy to adopt approach to evaluating one’s self and its intertwined relationship with your business goals. The step by step approach is thought-provoking to those just starting and presents gentle reminders for those more seasoned folks on the Entrepreneurial journey.”

Becca Rosner

Founder Zophy Studios

“I just finished Jen Dalton’s new book, The Intentional Entrepreneur, which outlines how new and current entrepreneurs can build their personal brand as they build their business. It’s fantastic. Even if you aren’t starting a new enterprise, there are strong insights into building your message and brand that are relevant—no matter your current role.” 

Jessica Salmoiraghi

Director Federal Agencies and International Programs, American Council of Engineering Companies

“Amazing, content rich and packed with a tremendous amount of insights, ideas, and tools to take control over your personal brand and share you value to the world. Great job, Jen!”

John Harrison

CEO Cybexa

“The book was very easy to read and I appreciated the real world examples. You don’t have to be a CEO or own your own company to get tremendous value from reading this book.”

Sara Mastro

Senior Director Media Barn, Inc.

“Jen Dalton’s first book, The Intentional Entrepreneur, offers a useful guide for building a CEO’s digital reputation and integrating it into their company’s brand. She combines step by step processes with interesting examples from friends, clients, and famous entrepreneurs. Despite its focus on entrepreneurs, the lessons are applicable to anyone who values the importance of building their brand and reputation through the variety of digital tools available. Although you might not be a CEO, you still want to develop a unique brand that complements that of your current company while positioning you for future opportunities. A quick initial read, The Intentional Entrepreneur offers a lot of ideas to consider and resources to utilize while planning a visibility strategy, creating a company, or planning to take a company to the next step. So important to be a “Noisebreaker”, as Jen suggests, cutting through the noise and adding value to your audience to build your brand!”

Emily Muth

Consultant Excella Consulting

“Ms. Dalton hits on a blind spot for many entrepreneurs who are understandably so pre-occupied with the “what” and “how” of building their company that they forget to focus on the “who” that is so critical for connecting to the hearts of their customers—where all valuable relationships begin. The great CEOs all have bigger-than-life reputations, but she shows that developing the proper persona is a process—one that all entrepreneurs can learn. It’s not luck or innate talent, but being a “noisebreaker” instead of just another noisemaker is as simple as having intention and walking through a series of tools that Ms. Dalton presents throughout this book.”

Rob Cimperman

President Cimperman, LLC.