Connecting and Conversing in the “Green” Room

Connecting and Conversing in the “Green” Room

Collaboration is key in business! Tina Fox, Women on Course, and Jen Dalton crafted insights that capture the importance of women, mentorship, and informal networking (aka golf) in Tina’s latest blog – Connecting and Conversing in the “Green” Room. Informal networking and mentoring are critical when it comes to the ability to build relationships, grow your career, and make an impact. 

Many women will be thinking about New Year’s Resolutions for their careers.  This may include moving into an advanced role and who can help them at their organization. A first step might include preparing for conversations about raises, the scope of work, and areas of improvement. 

One underleveraged approach for women to consider is golf, not competitive golf, but more casual business golf. It is one of the great equalizers in networking and relationship building and has a unique role to play. Yet, not all women actively seek to learn how to play golf. It can be intimidating. Women on Course seeks to disrupt this idea as the national gateway to the game and the art of informal networking. When people are on the course, they tend to be more relaxed in this unique safe zone away from office distractions. As you consider trying something new in 2021, there are several interesting insights we want to share at the intersection of women, mentorship, and golf. 

Find Common Ground. One of the challenges women face is finding common ground – a neutral zone for difficult conversations and building genuine connections. “Green is the new white” and a golf course is a key place where informal networking and relationship building occurs. In a Forbes article, 90% of Fortune 500 CEOs play golf and 80% say playing golf enables them to establish new business relationships. One of the critical things for women (and men) to remember is to prepare and be present. Give yourself time to show up, be relaxed, and leave everything else off the course. Your character is on display. 

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