Jennifer Dalton

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
Margaret Mead

Noisebreakers this Week

Many people ask me what it means to be a noisebreaker, I thought I would highlight people recently that had a clear message that cut through the noise in compelling and provocative ways. My heart is with the families in Orlando, may we all have the courage to speak up when it matters. Being a noisebreaker means being authentic, vulnerable, and having the conversation worth having, even if it is hard and scary. What message would you want to share?

1. “My Heart is Changed”
Utah Lt. Governor spoke out about how his heart had changed post-Orlando. What is provocative about his speech is that he asked his audience to think about how they felt about Orlando before they knew it was a gay bar, and once they knew it 

was a gay bar. He spoke to how his heart was changed – a powerful and moving speech.  He was authentic and vulnerable and raised a question that took courage. See the video or read the speech.

2. “We Need to Stop Shaming and Blaming”
Melissa Fenton took a moment to share her thoughts via Facebook, which has been viewed more than 500K times, on how shaming and blaming parents needs to stop. She brought up how years ago parents came together to support, not judge. I remember those days too. “I hope from now on people will just think before they type. Think before they make a comment about someone, especially in their darkest hour,” she said.  Read her post here.

3. “We are all Americans”
When thousands of people showed up to donate blood in Orlando, one man posted about his experience. It has been shared and liked over 500K times. His message was about how we need to unite and come together. Read his post here.

Be your best self, be intentional – 


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Jen Dalton is a gutsy “purpose sherpa” for her clients. She helps them identify their figurative mountain and climb it with intention. Clarity on your WHY and unique value, is critical to convince others to follow you and “go big”. Be a noisebreaker, not a noisemaker.