I will be the first to profess that I do use LinkedIn and for anyone who is not on it – they definitely should be on LinkedIn. That said, even though I am a huge fan of LinkedIn and work with many clients on their profiles…I do have some issues with it.

1. The Visual Component of LinkedIn is Not Perfect

When working with clients and adding in media – a huge issue I have is that it is not possible to upload your own photo to go with a document, link, etc. Many times when a link or PDF/document is uploaded, the visual is not at all relevant. For many websites that are no longer static, the photo that shows up (if there is one) is not at all helpful to tell your brand story visually. 

Recommendation: Please LinkedIn, allow us to upload a thumbnail/photo to go with our media so we can present our brands more effectively visually. A picture is worth a thousand words. When we think about building our personal brand – pictures and videos are critical.