This is a fairly open and vulnerable post, hopefully one that makes you laugh, that resonates, and that enables you to make progress on your journey. During my annual trek home for Thanksgiving, I thought I would search through my mother’s photos to find memories that evoked values and principles I wanted to remember as I was discovering my purpose and designing my own personal brand. We all have those photos from childhood that you hope do not surface. In this case, it is exactly that photo which helped me find my purpose and the purpose of my company.

Quick Backstory: My mother is from Maine and I love her for many reasons, one of which is her humor. When I was four or five, I rode horses. Now, as you know there is not much you can do at that age, typically no jumping, just walking, trotting, or costume competitions. Yay! Sigh.

Yes. That is me. Now I want to you to try and guess who I am supposed to be in this costume competition.

Long blond hair, dressed in a nude colored leotard. If you guessed Lady Godiva, you would be right.

She was an Anglo-Saxon noblewoman who rode through town naked on behalf of the townspeople to overturn her husbands taxation policy.

In my mind, this meant that she gave others a voice. I am not advocating for riding around naked; just the helping others find their voice.

For me, this photo is about giving people a voice so they can increase their visibility and have an impact.

In this one photo, I identified my purpose, the purpose of my company, and yes, it makes me laugh too.

Now, in case you wondering if I won the costume competition. Alas no.

How can you find your purpose and turn up the volume on your inner voice?

1. Identify What Resonates with you and evokes an emotional response. Maybe this is a photo, or a book, a movie. It might also be a time in your life when you had your rock star moment and you want to re-create what resonated for you then.

2.Why Does it Resonate? Think about what you felt in that moment, or what the photo or book represents to you. Brainstorm your thoughts and feelings on paper.

3. I exist to…Complete this sentence. If you can keep this short and simple, it will really get to the heart of your purpose. Please email me what you came up with and if you have any questions at [email protected].

These exercises seem simple, but sometimes simple is best. I hope these help you and please share your ideas on what worked to get you unstuck.

Be your best self, live your brand.

Jennifer Dalton